South African Daisy


How exquisite the way it’s whimsical petals radiate outward!


Tanka | Forever Lost

African village at night

there is a calling
that seems insatiable
to direct my gaze
infuse my sense of being
with home forever lost

© 2017 KHM aka ikataki

Kingdom in the Sky

I always knew I had to have some genetic link to African mountains. Lesotho is a kingdom entirely landlocked by South Africa. It is a mountainous kingdom, with nicknames like, Kingdom of the Sky or Sky Kingdom.

It is stunning.


It was not final
when the last Ancestor left
the Lesotho skies
children will always look back
their seed would remember home

Lake Retba

There is a pink lake in Senegal called Lake Retba. It is literally pink.


The lake is separated from the Atlantic Ocean only by a narrow corridor of dunes, and is named for its pink waters, caused by Dunaliella salina algae. The algae produces a red pigment to assist in absorbing light, which provides energy to create ATP.–Wikipedia



…Relentlessly searching photos of Africa for an intangible sense of place, collecting whatever resonates, as I pursue my Sol…


Bafut Palace in Cameroon

Surrounded by a sacred forest in the heart of northwest Cameroon, the Bafut Palace has been the fulcrum of political power for over 400 years. It embodies Bafut cultural identity and remains a center for religious rites and traditional ceremonies. Over 50 houses are clustered around the site’s spiritual core, Achum Shrine, and are used by the Fon (king), his wives, and the royal court. [I referenced this description from somewhere…]

Musgum Mudhut Architecture in Cameroon

Musgum mud huts (the photos above), or Musgum dwelling units are traditional domestic structures built of mud by the ethnic Musgum people in the Maga sub-division, Mayo-Danay division, Far North Province in Cameroon. (Musgum also is spelled as Moosgoum.)[1] The dwellings were built in a variety of shapes, such as tall domed or conical dwellings or huts, some with a reverse-V shape, and others with geometric designs.


“Africans are like a rubber ball – the harder we get slammed to the ground, the higher we rise.” ~African Proverb